Better Document Management.

Your secure network for file transfer, proof of record and collaboration using blockchain and sharding.

Take back control.

A safer way to store and transmit your data

Manage your and other people's files using frontier technologies, safer communication methods and better storage protocols.
Reduce privacy risk, such as the EU's GDPR, by giving owners of files and folders the ability to share and withdraw sharing without files being downloaded.
Reduce breaches and loss by scattering file fragments across multiple storage clouds.

Full Control

Whether its KYC records or executed legal contracts, all files are secured and processed with you in full control to minimize hack risk.


Sign the file using bSign, watermark and blockchain timestamp with full evidential proof of record.

Secret Sharing

Scatter the file across your cloud services with the encryption you want.


Share the folder and files using diffent security protocols (from default to top secret) with chosen recipients and control what they can and cannot do.


Secure and seal folders after use for protected archiving.


Write to a blockchain such as metadata, location, timestamp and hash of the file. Choose the blockchain(s) (Public or private).


Utilize many clouds with secret sharing. We support and re-sell Google Cloud, IBM Cloud, AWS, Azure and Snowflake. Use your own cloud apis or we can host for you.


Using file custody protocols, along with Cyqur, we provide the ability to restore files and folders in cases where owners are no longer here. Use custodians of last resort such as trustees or lawyers to hold your sharded private keys, sharded locations and fragment packets.


From location to document signing, everything is in one place you control. Fast file search using grids and tags for many to many relationships.

Many uses cases

OMOC - Onboarding, Managing and Offboarding Customers: